Why you need a realtor representing you through new construction.

When you first step into a model home in a new home community, you immediately picture yourself coming home.  The house is designed to make you feel good -the features are top of the line, the kitchen is sophisticated and the open concept is inviting. It looks and feels great. It’s like buying a new car, remember that new car smell?  It is designed to entice you and get you to buy.

Before you know it, you have sat down with the nice salesperson and started talking about price…..but hold on!

This is one of the most important purchases of your life.  You need an advocate in your corner who does not work for the builder.

Some buyers mistakenly think they will save on commission when buying new, but the commission is built into the price whether an agent is part of the deal or not. Builders don’t remove that from the price of the home if you don’t use an agent’s services when buying from them.

If you don’t have an agent, you may be on your own in more ways than one. Builders often offer greater incentives to agents that agents can then pass along to their buyers. There are often incentives for working with a lender and title company the builder prefers. Many buyers don’t know to ask for closing cost assistance or to have certain premiums waived or reduced.

Your lot selection can be crucial for the future resale of your home, yet not all the home sites  that carry premium prices will translate into premium resale value when you go to sell your home—an experienced agent can advise you on and help you to make the best lot selection, and prevent you from overpaying for a poor lot choice.

Perhaps most importantly, new construction prices are negotiable! Many buyers feel intimidated when visiting a builder’s model home, and don’t know they can negotiate on price. That is what your buyer’s agent is for.

We ask to negotiate the price and go in armed with knowledge, skills and experience. We can pull information on comparable homes available locally, and present those to the builder to help you get the best price and better value. That may include asking for closing costs to be reduced, warranties to be extended, better pricing on finishes, upgrades and extras like window treatments and/or fencing.

While your home is being built, mistakes can and do happen and the builders need to correct them.  This can often be challenging for a buyer going it alone.  No home is perfect, not even new construction, and the issues we see are often crucial to the future enjoyment of your home.

Finally, your buyer’s agent will attend the final walk-through with you (or for you) to help you identify any issues or areas of concern.  This punch list is used to make sure that everything is in order before you close and collect your keys.